Pune Off-Road Expedition 2017

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8moto in association with Greasemonkeys Custom Motorcycles & Performance Parts invites you to the 4th edition of the #PuneOffRoadExpedition2017 - an event that promises to give you a taste of Off-Road motoring adventure in its purest, most unadulterated form. The unrelenting terrains of Panshet are home to one of the most challenging trails that will take you through water crossings, muddy sections and viciously steep gradients that breaks a sweat from even the most seasoned off-roaders we know. Obviously, the trail is dotted with breathtaking views of the Sahyadris in their element - Add to this deadly mix, the pouring rains and you have the perfect combination for a motoring adventure that will leave you asking for more! So come down then and celebrate the monsoons in the most high-octane fashion that one can think of. The event will play host to enthusiasts with everything on wheels, four & two. And don’t worry we won’t be leaving the newbies out. For those of you new to the experience, the event will be a thoroughly marshalled ride through the challenging terrain. Make sure you read the entire event description before spamming our mailbox. The exact location and google link of the starting point will be shared on the facebook page and updated on the event later. 

Schedule – Sunday, 13th August 2017

8.00 – 10.00: Registrations and Breakfast (Read the following rules to qualify for registration) 
10.00: Flag off from point A to point B (At no point will you make a U-turn and get in the way of oncoming riders – Once again read the following rules)
13.30 – 14.00: Photo-shoot and snacks at point B (This is the fun part, make sure you have loads of it!) 
14.00: Flag-off from point B to point A (The way back is twice as demanding…Physically and mentally)
16.30 – 17.30: Late lunch and awards ceremony (Make sure you stick around to find out if you’re the one winning goodies from Greasemonkeys Custom Motorcycles & Performance Parts)

Rules & Regulations & Do’s & Don’ts

1.) Medical Conditions – In case of any medical condition requiring special attention, you are required to inform us right at the outset, at the registration counter while filling out the forms.
2.) Riding gear – Riders without helmets, gloves, protective jackets/armour, and boots will not be entertained. 
3.) Vehicle safety check – Make sure your bike/jeep is in the best possible mechanical condition. Trust us - you don’t want a breakdown in the middle-of-nowhere on such a fun ride. Check the Tyres, Engine Oil, Brakes, Bearings, Carburetion and Electricals.
4.) Take care of your tyres – Although the chances of punctures are greatly reduced due to the monsoons, it is always a good idea to carry a puncture repair kit/spare tube (depending upon your tyre type)
5.) Fuel check – Make sure you tank up. The terrain takes a toll on the fuel-efficiency. Better to be safe than sorry. 
6.) No U-turns – You are not allowed to make a U-turn at any point of the trail. You might get in the way of oncoming riders and cause harm and injury to yourself and others. Defaulters will be disqualified immediately.
7.) Ride in a bunch -Make sure you’re riding in groups and not alone. Remember that it’s not a race. It’s a leisure monsoon dirt ride. 
8.) Ask for help - If you are stuck in a spot and need help, DON’T HESITATE TO ASK FOR HELP! 
9.) Stay hydrated – Make sure you carry water. The trail is demanding for the machine as well as the rider.
10.) Don’t litter – Understand that we’re visitors in a pristine eco-system. Be nice guests to the environment you’re in and DON’T LITTER!
11.) No intoxication – What kind of a sicko gets drunk on an expedition… We’ll tell ya! One who’s about to be disqualified and left to his/her devices to get back to civilization! Same goes for all other intoxications. 
12.) Remember to have fun and IT’S NOT A RACE! – The whole point of doing an Off-Road Expedition with like-minded fellow riders/drivers is to do it with the safety net and the camaraderie that comes along with a group ride! There isn’t an award or trophy for the fastest idiot out there. In fact, the ride will be led and marshaled all throughout – end-to-end
13.) Spread the word… correctly – Be nice to your biker buddies. Share the event and invite them along. We’re sure selfies will be clicked and shutter buggers will go berserk amidst the photo-bombers. Make sure you post them all on facebook with the 
#POE2017 or #PuneOffRoadExpedition2017 so we can feature it on our page!


800/- per person 

What you get?

1.) Medical support
2.) Mechanical support
3.) Marshals to get you through the tricky bits 
4.) Breakfast
5.) Lunch
6.) A chance to win goodies from Greasemonkeys Custom Motorcycles & Performance Parts
7.) Awesome company and one-of-a-kind motoring experience. 

Remember to carry

1.) A well-maintained vehicle.
2.) Riding Gear (Helmet,Gloves,Protective Jackets/Armour,Boots)
3.) Tubes/Puncture repair kit
4.) Drinking Water
5.) 800 cash (Other payment options are not available in the wilderness) 
6.) Your motoring buddies, your mojo and your enthusiasm!

So make sure you got your weekend free on the 13th August 2017. We’ll see you there!

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