Forum Rock On! ’19 by Forum Mall Koramangala


After the sensational hit of the second edition, rock on is back with a bang!

All your talent & inspiring musicians and artists, looking for a platform to showcase their talents on the center stage. Rock On is the place to be! The contest is divided into three categories Fusion/Rock/Pop.

The prelims happen on the 8th, 9th & 10th of Feb’19. And the grand finale is on the 19th of Feb’19.

The event will be judged by well-known legends from the music industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to be the next superstar! Register now.

Entry Guidelines & Rules

  1. Entry strictly by registration only. To register online visit or register at the helpdesk/information desk at any Forum Mall by filling the registration forms and dropping your CD/Pen Drive with your audition video.
  2. All parts of the registration process must be completed in order for bands to be eligible to compete in the Forum Rock On Battle of the Bands competition.
  3. A band is defined as any number of people. The minimum members of the band must be 2 and maximum members per band is limited to 8.
  4. Details of all the band members have to be filled in during registration. All members must sign that they have read and understood the rules and guidelines and terms and conditions pertaining to the event.
  5. Performers registering (must include all the members of the band) should be at least 16 years of age and above. Parental consent is mandatory for participants below the age of 18.
  6. All participants have to submit government id proofs for validating their age.
  7. Registrants will receive a confirmation email or phone call when their registration is completed.
  8. Forum Rock On Schedule
Schedule Date
Preliminary Rounds Pop 8-Feb-19
Preliminary Rounds Fusion 9-Feb-19
Preliminary Rounds Rock 10-Feb-19
Grand Finale 16-Feb-19


  1. Exchange of registration will not be accepted under any circumstances and once registered the registration is not transferable.
  2. Loss or damage of registration form will not be entertained.
  3. Latecomers cannot be admitted until a suitable break during the performances.
  4. All duly filled registration forms must be submitted ONLY to The Rock On Representatives in name of the mall.
  5. Registrations will be accepted only with submission of original forms. Copies of the registration form will not be considered for registration.
  6. Do not register for more than one category. An applicant can apply only for one category in the event. A registration form received with two options chosen will be rejected. Multiple registrations from a single participant will entail in rejection.
  7. Please thoroughly go through all relevant information and FAQS before filling in the registration form.
  8. Please ensure you have read through and accepted the Terms & Conditions and Event Rules & Guidelines in the registration form. Where any discrepancy is found in any of the above mentioned mandatory requirements, your registration will not be accepted.
  9. Registration Confirmation: Participant will receive the confirmation email to their registered email id for online and on the ground, you will receive a registration acknowledgment form. If you are unable to receive the confirmation, please contact The Rock On representatives,
  10. All shortlisted participants/their authorized representatives are required to come to the venue in the respective cities where the event is scheduled to be held and fill out the registration form along with the event terms and conditions.
  11. Participant/Authorized representative must carry with him/her (a) the email confirmation sent by Registration Team (b) photocopy of photo-identity proof (Aadhar card, PAN card or passport) of the representatives and the confirmed participant.
  12. The city police department reserves the right to cancel permission for the event at any time. In such a situation, or in case the event date or location is changed due to political rallies, natural disaster, force majeure or any other event outside the control of organizers, the organizers will hold the event at the next available and convenient date. In such a case there will be no refund of registration fees.
  13. Organizers reserve the right to stop any participant who is found medically unfit to continue in the opinion of the official medical personnel. Organizers are not responsible for any loss of baggage and belongings.
  14. Organizers decision regarding winners’ positions is final.
  15. Participants are requested to cooperate with the police and security personnel deputed at the event venues and on the route. Participants/supporters are liable to random checking on race day this is for your own security.
  16. Organizers have the right to stop the performance of any participant at any time during their performance at their discretion.
  17. A buzzer will be used to intimate the participants with respect to time and performance. Once the buzzer is sounded, it is mandatory for the participants to stop their performance.
  18. Rights of admission are reserved.
  19. Your entry can be rejected on any of the grounds listed below.
  • Incomplete form submitted.
  • T&C not signed.
  • More than one registration received from the same applicant.
  • Any other relevant reason deemed by the management.

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A band is defined as any number of people. The minimum members of the band must be 2 and maximum members per band are limited to 8.
Only band members listed on the registration form will be admitted on stage.
All bands agree to have their name, voice, and/or likeness used in any advertising or broadcasting material relating to this contest without compensation or rights to royalties for such use
On the day of the performance, band members must be dressed in clothing free from obscenities. This is a family-oriented event and therefore only activities suitable for families will be permitted.
Band name and lyrics of performance songs should not contain any obscenities if possible.
Judges can deduct points for any use of obscenities not necessary.
The entire performance must be violence-free and suitable for families.
If a band incites moshing or any other sort of violence in the crowd, the band will be immediately disqualified and the performance will be stopped.
The use of any illegal substances will not be tolerated. If any band member is suspected to be under the influence of an illegal substance, the entire band will be disqualified and the proper authorities will be notified. In addition, any band member under the age of 21 who is suspected of alcohol use will also be grounds for disqualification.
All band members are required to be present at least 30 minutes prior to performance time to check in with the coordinator. If all band members are not present and ready to set up for performance 15 minutes before going on stage, the band will be disqualified.
All participants are required to be courteous and respectful toward other participating musicians
All bands must bring their own equipment required for their performance. The management will only provide the following along with a functional sound system,
Drum Kit set 5 pieces( kick mic, main kick out mic, snare & others)
Drum Riser
Guitar amplifier 2 left & right
Base amp 1
Di (direct input) 4
Stage monitors 4
Mic 4 units
Band members are responsible for the security of their equipment.
Each band will be given the opportunity to play 3 songs.
All songs must be original or cover songs or songs by other artists.
There will be a strict time limit of 10 minutes for each band on stage. Each band has to plan its songs accordingly and no more than 10 minutes is allowed for all the 3 songs.
Each band will be given 10 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to break down their equipment.
Bands may not use pre-recorded sound material. All bands must play live.

Prize Categories: One winner will be selected from each genre by the Contest Judges and is entitled to the prize worth 1 lac each.

Category 1 Fusion: Winning Band gets Rs. 1 Lac worth prize

Category 2 Rock: Winning Band gets Rs. 1 Lac worth prize

Category 3 Pop: Winning Band gets Rs. 1 Lac worth prize

Please Note:-

*All taxes levied by the government will be deducted from the above mentioned prize money.

*Additional prizes may be added in the future.


The judging system is designed to keep the contest open to all skill levels and song choices while keeping the event fair and competitive.
There are categories on which each band will be judged and scored. Each judge will be given a scoring sheet for the band.
At the end of each performance, the total number of points a band receives from each judge will be added together with the other judges to reach the band's final score.
In the event of a tie, there will be a tiebreaker in which each band in the tie will have an opportunity to play one song of their choice. The judges will be instructed to disregard the previous scores for those bands in question and start a new scoring sheet.
The management decision on the winners will be final and the management reserves the right to not disclose the points gained by each band during the judging process.

Event Details
  • Start Date
    February 16, 2019 12:00
  • End Date
    February 16, 2019 20.00
  • Status
  • Location
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  • Address
    Forum Mall, Koramangala , South Bangalore