Level 2 – Practicals Pune – Night Photography with Light Trails By Geeksidea

Introduction: Hello this is Venkat Raman V. I am working in IT for about 12 yrs, I still work. Photography is a hobbie for me. fb.me/venkatramanvv  I am doing weekend Professional Photography for 10 yrs now and Training on photography is 4 yrs. I worked in various technologies in IT so I have a perfect understanding about camera or the way it works cause its all computers in there. Hence a training from me is a worth while. To add to my profile, I am have conducted multiple workshops around the world so I deliver an international quality to our training. Check the Review Over here ( https://goo.gl/Sq2kSq ) Also my training is more towards example because I am a corporate trainer too where I teach core / soft skills from freshers to experienced ( https://goo.gl/4NDeHM ). So I know how to explain to people who can  Hope to see you soon.

Why Choose My Training ?
I know there is a lot of photography training going on, but why you need to choose my training. 
  1. Take your money back, if you feel like you learned nothing !!
  2. 2 – 5 people per training for better concentration and attention.
  3. Before taking any of the training try our Basic Course  for just 799, and understand my teaching.
  4. I am a corporate training for technologies, I have conducted more than 50+ Training for more than 5k+ people to leading MNC in india. I know how to incorporate idea’s from my mind to your mind to make them understand I tell stories, I use small riddle, I play games to make you understand the topic I am dealing with. 
  5. I have taken photography around the world for more than 2k+ people so I know what exactly needs to be said and when it should be said.
  6. Give A Try as I said earlier, if you think it aint worth it, go online and issue for a refund.
  7. One more thing, I give you something no one else can. Opportunity, what so ever Opportunity comes on my way I pass it on to my group and the group is open to all my students.

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