Levi’s® Lounge presents The Aman Jagwani Quartet


Aman Pankaj Jagwani is a 19-year-old percussionist, composer from Mumbai, India who strives to create musical moments of seamless synergy between the audience, the artist and the world. He was awarded the Berklee Achievement Scholarship in 2018 and continues to artistically engage with the college community in Boston.Throughout school, Aman was heavily involved in musical activities. He directed several performances and even initiated clubs to teach music to his peers. Additionally, while completing his high school diploma, Aman attended The True School of Music in Mumbai to advance his musical proficiency. During this time, he gained valuable experiences; he was a part of the indie-rock band, Stones from the Sun, performed all over the city and recorded original compositions. Furthermore, at True School he was introduced to Jazz music and developed an inspired thirst to further explore the realms of improvisation, leading him to relocate to Berklee College of Music in Boston.At Berklee, Aman has been immersing himself in the exploration of different cultures and facets of life through collaborations with musicians from numerous countries such as Brazil, Argentina, France, India, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Italy, USA both in the studio and on stage during recitals. His studies with prominent educators, Yoron Israel, Billy Kilson, Dave DiCenso, James Murphy, Jason Palmer, Tia Fuller, Simon Shaheen have enabled him to become proficient in a wide range of styles and develop a sensitive and mindful touch for the instrument.Furthermore, Aman has developed an extension of his musical voice in the compositional spectrum as well. His works are inspired by the sensations experienced every day that give depth to human life. Thus, in this context of empathy, Aman aims for his music to be a positive, global force.Outside college, Aman is a regular in the Indian Jazz and Indie scenes and has performed at venues across the country such as BlueFrog, Piano Man Jazz Club, Depot 48, The Finch, Otters Club to name a few. In addition, since 2013, Aman has been associated with V Care Foundation, an Indian NGO that provides care and relief for cancer patients. He plays for and teaches children facing the disease at the Sant Gadge Dharamshala in Mumbai and regularly composes music for the foundation’s promotional activities. Also, a connection with his roots manifests itself as Aman also explores Indian rhythmic textures while studying the tabla when he is in India.Currently, Aman is expanding his palette of musical experiences through several collaborations within and outside Berklee in genres ranging from Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Latin to Indian and Middle Eastern music. He is also preparing for the recording of his debut album as a bandleader that is to take place this summer.For Aman, music is a unifying tool. Through each of his endeavors, he wishes to harness its powers, break barriers and lead to positivity.

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    January 11, 2019 21:00
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    January 1, 2019 1:00
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    Levi's Lounge, Lower Parel , Mumbai South