November Rain- Raghav Meattle

Saints N Sinners presents, as a part of its 2 Day ‘The Happy High Music Fest’ called “November Rain”, – the one and only- ‘Raghav Meattle’.


On the occasion of the one year anniversary of Saints N Sinners, the team has curated a special two-day Music Festival full of decadent food, ever brimming glasses of signature drinks and the cascading music on 23rd and 24th of November 2018.


Introducing our musicians coming in from all corners of the country to create the magic of music for you to have an unforgettable experience of life!


Raghav is here to prove his ‘Meattle’- The Hindu.


Trained in Hindustani Classical, Raghav Meattle shot to fame after season 2 of The Stage. With a huge fan following, he has performed at various locations in Delhi NCR.


Raghav shot to fame after he auditioned for Season 2 of The Stage, the first home-grown English singing talent hunt show. Though Raghav had been in a progressive metal band in college, didn’t see himself as a club singer.

Trained in Hindustani classical, his love for lyrics motivated him to pen his thoughts. All through college and university, his love for lyrics and music remained his companion. Raghav also worked for a few years in Hyderabad and Bangalore, “Until I decided to audition for The Stage. That was a good decision, as it helped me realise what I was longing to do. My songs reflect common but genuine perceptions so they connects with my listeners,” adds Raghav.

After his stint with The Stage, Raghav didn’t want to waste time contemplating on his career as a singer. “I opted for crowdfunding for the album and the response was immense. That again boosted my confidence about people wanting to listen to lyric-driven music,” says Raghav.

For want of a better name, Raghav describes his music as contemporary. No matter what genre he identifies his music with, his listeners will agree with his up-tempo, easy-going happy numbers and appreciate the absolutely home-grown videos.

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    November 23, 2018 19:30
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    November 23, 2018
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    Saints N Sinners, Gurugram