It’s not just the workshop list but an arena of implicit benefits that plays an important role in your child ‘s development

Workshop Activities Involved :

1 Acting and Drama : Acting and Drama Workshop for Kids are more than just learning it.These workshops critically helps your child in focusing on creative problem solving, understanding how human beings interact, improves active listening.

2 Robotics: Robotics Workshop for kids is beyond the fun and play part of it . Working with various materials,assemblies helps your child in improving organizational skills.

3 Story Telling: Telling a story is a fun .In this workshop your child just does not read a story but develop a story and most importantly that helps in developing cultural awareness,enhancing the verbal  proficiency.

4 Animation: Kids enjoy animated characters and creatures but more than that this workshop helps your child building critical and analytical thinking ,improving  spatial relationships.

5 Mural Making: Making attractive murals is a great satisfying experience. Mural making workshop for kids is beyond this. This workshops helps your child in empowering neural connections, ability to connect .

6 Aero Modelling: Flying high and the flights ,aeroplanes have always fascinated us.Beyond the fascination this workshop helps your child in strengthening  analytical and logical reasoning.

7 Healthy Cooking: Your child is always curious about cooking and baking and enjoy it .More than just enjoyment  Healthy Cooking workshop helps your child in nurturing helpfulness,importance of health.

8 Magic Tricks: Magic and magician have always mesmerized the kids.This workshop helps your child in fostering perseverance , body-brain coordination, public speaking.

Event Flow :

One can enroll  for Minimum 1 Activity and Maximum 3 Activity

1 Activity duration 2 Weeks.
6 Sessions in 2 Weeks ( e.g Robotics sessions on Monday , Wednesday, and Friday  or  Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday )
1 session duration 2  hours

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