TAL The Amateur League- Delhi


We are excited to announce the start of the new season of TAL! This will be our 6th season and we want to thank each and every one of you who have been part this journey with us. We couldn’t have done it without you and we hope to serve you for many more seasons to come!

We have some exciting news as we look to revamp the league and try and give you the best (and new) experience possible. We have decided to increase the number of teams to 12 in each conference, which means each team gets to play 11 games in the conference stages before trying their hand (feet!) at the TAL-NCR CUP. We will be running matches from morning to evening, which means teams get to play the majority of the games under sunlight. Friendlies will take place on 13th January 2019.

Like last season, we will be hosting a Gurgaon Conference (starting January) and a Delhi Conference (set to begin in late January).


TAL NCR- January ’19 – April ’19
TAL Delhi- 27th January ’19 – 24th March ’19 (tentative)


TAL NCR- The BallPark
TAL Delhi- Ambedkar Stadium/Sudeva Football School (Ambedkar Stadium boasts one of the best natural grass grounds in NCR and a common venue for all the I league matches.)

We also are in the process of gamifying our league with a few interesting pins that can be won throughout the season. Challenges like Nutmeg King and Hattrick Hero will soon carry weight as we look to tally these for the season with the winners receiving football goodies. More news on this to follow!

To make things easier to track, we will be launching a Mobile Application for TAL. This platform will host most of the data of the league and all players and teams will have personalised profiles. This makes it easier to keep track of ones team fixtures, results, statistics, videos and much more.

Along with this, we will also be introducing ID cards this season to make things easier on matchdays for the referees, organisers and teams. This will help in preventing teams from adding an unregistered player thereby helping in keeping the integrity of the league intact.

Squad for the Season-

The minimum number of players required to sign up for the league is 20 players. The maximum is 30. Teams who have 25 or more players will get a 5 % discount. This offer can only be availed at the beginning of the season. Teams need to have a minimum of 20 players before the start of Game Week 1 or have paid for the 20 players before the start of the season. Teams can continue adding players till Game Week 7, upon which no new players can be added.

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Our jersey vendor T10 have been doing an amazing job of delivering high-quality jerseys to us over the past few seasons and they will be our jerseys partners for this season too.

We have an exciting new feature for jerseys this season! YOU GET TO CREATE YOUR OWN DESIGNS! We understand that jerseys/uniforms can be an important part of a teams identity and we would love to have our teams plays in jerseys they absolutely love. We will be providing our jersey designs too just in case you do prefer us to design them

The customization of jerseys does come with some constraints such as time and specification. If you want to design your own jerseys, you will need to give us the design by January 5th so we can get it approved with our jersey vendor before time.

We will be giving you a colour palette this time to choose rather than a template with Pre fits. Once you choose a colour, that colour will be off limits for all other teams. As always, jersey preference will be on a first come, first serve basis.

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