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Do you like to have your tea in Assam, breakfast in Punjab, lunch in Maharashtra and dinner in Kerala? Oh, yes do you like to have street food regardless of what time it is?

If Yes, then you are not a foodie but a wanderer…..
You don’t really need lunch or dinner….. You need roads, mountains and peace…..

If you are one of the few who can survive on maggie and thukpa for so many days just for the sake of travel and explore then this might be the place where you are supposed to be….

We at Wandering Souls India are having an open event named TravelNama…. An evening from wanderers for wanderers where travellers and real wandering souls will share their travel stories and experiences with all of us…. If you have such a story or want to experience their journey…. Then do come for an evening filled travel stories, discussions and much more. This is the place where you’ll get a chance to meet real Wanderers.

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