Why Am I Single? – With Dr Karanvir Singh


Why Am I Single?

At the back of a successful workshop on “why am I Single”. Heart and Soul Events has decided to follow it up with yet another detailed workshop on the same subject.

A successful relationship is always a “work in progress” mode. You invest time, energy, love into making one and everyday there is a new challenge.

Having a harmonious relationship is not as easy as it sounds. There are various behavioral patterns that can break a relationship; that ensure that you remain single, perhaps
for life. What are these behavioral patterns that can damage your well maintained relationship?

Are you sub consciously practicing any of them? How can you correct the patterns
for a healthy loving relationship?

We will be covering the following topics during the workshop:

  1. Understand your personality type and how to reach out to potential partners
    2. Beliefs as road blocks and how to resolve them
    3. Introduction to the inner child process
    4. Relationship inventory

Come find out in a 4 hr Customized Workshop for HEART & SOUL.

Created & facilitated by Dr Karanvir Singh, a PhD in applied Psychology and a relationship Empowerment Coach

About Heart and Soul

HEART & SOUL is a unique space where we FIRST help you to SEEK your-self; yes seek, for you never really were lost in the first place. Once you truly seek your-self, a partner now becomes a joy instead of a complication. Now, you don’t go looking for THAT special someone, you just make it SPECIAL. Get the difference?


  • Interactive Mixers: specially designed to have fun & ‘break the awkwardness’. A Must do!!
  • Niche events curated around the activity of your interest: Do you have a hand for cooking or painting? Perhaps both? Reading or movies and much more. Wouldn’t this be a lot more fun to share it with that someone special. Come Discover!!
  • Stimulating Workshops: specially designed & integrated with the sole aim for you to find YOUR-SELF. Come Seek!!
  • Match Making: Once we help you find your-self, now we take it a step further and assist you in finding your proverbial ‘princess’ or ‘knight’ not in shining armour.

About Karanvir

Dr Karanvir Singh is a Relationship Empowerment Coach offering quick, workable solutions to relationship issues with the best resources in hand. He works with all aspects of relationships be it with self, family, partner or at work. In short, he offers his expertise to relationships from womb to tomb.

Karanvir has trained about 22,000 people and counseled 500 families in a span of 7200 hours to make a difference in their lives. His immensely helpful seminars, workshops, training and counseling sessions on various aspects of relationships and of life enable you to reduce your suffering and make your journey a success.



SUNDAY 10 March


4 to 8 pm


  • *EARLY BIRD RATE:Rs 4, 500 Includes Tea and Coffee and Snacks
  • *REGULAR RATE :Rs 5,000 Includes Tea and Coffee and Snacks

Early Bird ends on 3rd March after which regular rates apply.

Please note – All payments need to be realized BEFORE the commencement of the workshop – by 3 pm on 10thMarch.  No walk-ins or payments at the gate will be entertained.


Midcity Studios

B-520 Aurus Chambers

Behind Mahindra Towers


Smart Casual

Register by  1st March Make your payment by  3rd March at the latest. We would need to give the venue a head count, so kindly adheres to the above dates.

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