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This weekend, The Bohri Kitchen is set up a meal that fit for the Royals. A wise person once said, that one needs to learn from the Bohris on how to make dishes with a white base and we cannot disagree. So come over, to witness a Bohri food coma like never before! Check out all details at ** Make sure to check the drop down menu for more dates Check out the menu! To Begin With: #Smoked Mutton Kheema Samosas (The TBK signature- crunchy patti samosas stuffed with smoked minced kheema, coriander and spring onions) #Lagan nu Custard (The Bohri egg custard. Made in a very fascinating way – they will tell you the story behind it when you come!) #Full Fried Chicken (In this one-of-its kind dish, Nafisa takes the entire chicken, marinates it for over a day and cooks it on steam before coating it with egg and frying) #Surprise Sweet Dish Serious Food: #Dabba Chicken with Roti (A baked dish made with white sauce, pasta, chunks of chicken and LOTS of egg! Served with homemade gehu roti) #White Mutton Biryani (A classic spin on the traditional biryani where Nafisa makes it with white Afghani masalas. The small pieces of potatoes still continue to surprise you) Beverages: #TBK Cooler - Surprise Welcome Drink #Rose Sharbat with Sabja Seeds #Jal Jeera Soda Accompaniments: #Khajur & Dryfruit Chutney #Pineapple and Boondi Raita #Green Chutney & Limbu Dessert: #Saancha Ice Cream #Paan To receive WhatsApp updates on all our latest happenings click

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