300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India: A Transformative Journey with Kranti Yoga Tradition

In the heart of Goa, India, where the rhythmic waves kiss the shore, lies a sanctuary for yogic seekers—the Kranti Yoga Tradition. With over 17 years of experience, Kranti Yoga Tradition stands as one of the oldest residential Teacher Training Course (TTC) schools in India. Let’s delve into the transformative journey of the 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (300 YTTC) offered by this vibrant community.

Why Choose 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

The 300-Hour YTTC is an intensive 5-week program that combines the 200-hour and 300 hour courses. Here’s why it’s worth your commitment:

Depth and Mastery: Beyond the basics, this course allows you to deepen your practice and gain mastery over yoga techniques.
Certification: Upon completion, you’ll be a certified yoga teacher recognized by Yoga Alliance.
Holistic Approach: The curriculum covers asanas, pranayama, philosophy, and more, providing a holistic understanding of yoga.
Community: Join a supportive community of fellow practitioners and experienced teachers.

Course Outline
Weeks 1-3: 200-Hour Ashtanga & Vinyasa TTC
Dive into dynamic Ashtanga and Vinyasa sequences.
Learn precise alignment, adjustments, and sequencing.
Explore yoga philosophy and teaching methodology.

Weeks 4-5: 300-Hour Ashtanga & Vinyasa TTC
Build upon the 200-hour foundation.
Deepen your practice through advanced asanas.
Study anatomy, adjustments, and sequencing.

Course Details
Duration: 5 weeks (35 days)
Language of Instruction: English
Certification: RYT 500 - Yoga Alliance
Venue: Kranti Yoga Tradition,Goa

Key Takeaways
Advance and reinforce your learning & practice of yoga.
Learn teaching methodology for Asana, Pranayama, and Dhyana.
Study the Yog Sutras of Patañjali and Vedanta.
Enhance your knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

Embark on this transformative journey with Kranti Yoga Tradition. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of yoga, feel the sand beneath your feet, and let the waves carry you toward becoming an empowered yoga teacher. ????????‍??

For more information and registration, visit Kranti Yoga Tradition. Namaste! ????

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  • Start Date: March 12, 2024 06:31:00
  • End Date: April 02, 2024 18:32:00
  • Type: Free
  • Location: Goa
  • Category: Events
  • Organizer : Kranti Aggarwal
  • Address: Kranti Yoga Beach Resort House No 135 Patnem Beach, Patnem, Canacona, Goa 403702

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