Encamping At Ziro Festival Of Music, Arunachal Pradesh

Greetings from Encamp Adventures! We are excited to announce our outing at Ziro Festival of Music 2019. Encamp Adventures led camping action at ZFM'19 are specially curated to ensure that going off-grid doesn't have to mean ditching comfort, we will make sure to give you the best outdoor experience you can ask for.


We invite all sexes to our campsite and welcome you to India's first ever Zero waste campsite where we pledge to do responsible tourism.


This year is no different, as we are gearing up for the 8th edition of the coolest outdoor music festival of the hills ZIRO FESTIVAL OF MUSIC (ZFM) 2019; from 26th to 29th September at the picturesque Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh. From amazing lineups to lip-smacking delicacies and local brews, ZFM captivates its attendees every time, making them yearn for a come-back the following year.


25th Sep19:
Land in Guwahati by afternoon
The commute from Guwahati to Naharlagun (Arunachal Pradesh)
Travel options: Bus and Train
Travel advice:
-Take the train for a smooth journey filled with anticipation of what Ziro beholds. It leaves at 9 PM and reaches Naharlagun station at 6 AM in the morning. It takes 6 hours approx. to travel from Naharlagun station to Ziro Valley.
-Take the bus for a hassle-free 15 hours bus ride to Ziro.


26th Sep19:
Get set for a roller-coaster ride from Naharlagun to Ziro full of emotional highs and lows when you start to see the magnificence of the beauty called Arunachal Pradesh - Land of the rising sun.
Golden maze of rice fields, a welcoming campsite and Ziro Festival of Music 2018 awaits you on the other side!
Travel advice: This is a mysterious, miraculous and mystical land do not sleep in the vehicle or you may miss the view. If you have hill sickness carry some meds and take it before the ride begins.


27th Sep19:
Get to know the Apatani tribesman, walk through the village to see the sustainable lives they live and be humbled by their hospitality
Walk into the outdoor musical rendezvous called ZFM to connect with like-minded people and immerse yourself in the music and the vibe that gets perfectly set by the evening.
Didn't want the event to end at all but it did! No worries we have got that covered. Walk back to your home away from home your very own Encamp campsite and be welcomed back by soothing jam sessions, roasted meat items, and our lively bar and hookah counter at thy service.


28th Sep19:
Always wanted to fish but couldn't? Well now is the time to get some real fun of fishing and the satisfaction of getting a catch.
Let the music take control.
Watch a movie under the stars or just sit down for some conversation by the bonfire. Do what you love to do.


29th Sep 19:
Tour de Ziro, explore the nature trails and behold the sunrise (if nature permits that is)
While you comeback put your dancing shoes on cause we have lined up a dance party at the campsite and everyone has to dance (Camp Rules) Just kidding! :D
Laugh, love and live it up on the last day of ZFM 2018. This is the time when you will start to feel sad that it will all soon be over but you will soon smile when you think of the memories you will carry throughout.
Sleep under the stars, inside the tent or by the bonfire. We will take care of you throughout the night.


30th Sep 19:
Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast, pack your bags and relive the Ziro memories as you ride back from Ziro to Naharlagun.
Travel advice: Train leaves at 6:45 PM and reaches 4 AM the next morning so we will book your flight/train tickets keeping some buffer time so you don't have to rush things up.


1st Oct 19: Call us up and share how you felt after attending ZFM and your stay with us at Encamp Ziro.

Activities and Inclusions

What you will get? 




1. Alpine Tents with camping essentials Two Person and three-person sharing.


2. Breakfast & Dinner Local cuisine will be provided for dinner on the first and last day of the event. On other days you will get homely Veg & non-veg curries.


3. Hi Tea Chai & cookies for a refreshing musical evening at Ziro.


4. Movie under the stars.


5. Yoga & Reiki sessions (Extra Charges apply for extended sessions).


6. Bonfire


7. Jam sessions, Music system (SONY Party Chain).
    Local artist from Northeast to make you after concert vibes more awesome and great music all night.


8. First Aid.


9. Clean toilet & bathing facilities.


10. Sleeping bags, inflated pillow & mats.


11. 24/7 Charging points (common).


12. Complimentary welcome glass of rice beer.


13. 24-hour canteen for all your mid-meal requirements.


14. Tent lamp for your midnight adventures.


15. Hand Towels.


16. Kids and Pets friendly


17. All sexes invited


18. Zero Waste Campsite




1) Paddy field fishing


2) Village trek


3) Cycling


4) Bamboo Cutting


*Free on all 5D/4N packages.

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  • Start Date: September 26, 2019 18:00:00
  • End Date: September 29, 2019 18:30:00
  • Type: Promotional
  • Location: Goa
  • Category: Travel
  • Organizer : Ziro Festival of Music
  • Address: Encamping at Ziro Festival of Music, Arunachal Pradesh

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