Fireflies Fest Camping At Prabalmachi

Fireflies will be back this monsoon to show their magic show. Join us to watch these tiny magical messengers of hope. Magic happens when these tiny flies glow like fairy lights. It's one magical sight. Imagine thousands of fireflies lighting up at precisely the same time, over and over, from dusk to dark. The most spectacular show is said to be the mass synchronous display of several Pteroptyx species in Southeast Asia.


Masses of male fireflies congregate in groups (called leks) and in unison emit rhythmic courtship flashes. Fireflies or lightning bugs are from the family Coleoptera:Lampyridae, and they may well be our most beloved insect, inspiring poets and scientists alike.


Most importantly to remember, fireflies not neither flies nor bugs. Fireflies are actually beetles and there are 2,000 species on our planet. Our Destination is a completely Isolated and Newly Explored location and Very first such an event taking place on that Spot.

Short Information

Event Date: 25th-26th May.
1-2nd, 8th-9th & 15-16th June 2019.
Category: Camping
Duration: 1 Night 1 Day.
Difficulty Level: Easy


DAY 1 - Saturday


06:00 PM Meetup at Panvel Station
06:15 PM Get into the Local Vehicles & Move towards the Base Village. (Thakurwadi)
07:00 PM Ice Breaking Session.
07:15 PM Start trek towards Prabalmachi.
08:45 PM Reach Campsite & get Refresh.
09:30 PM Dinner and enjoy the campfire.
11:30 PM Time for Fireflies Sighting.


DAY 2 - Sunday
07:00 AM Wake up call & get refreshed.
07:30 AM Breakfast.
08:00 AM Move towards Kalavantin Durg, for those who would like to trek. Others can enjoy their morning at Prabalmachi
09:30 AM Reach the pinnacle.
10:00 AM Start the descending towards Campsite.
11:00 AM Reach Campsite.
11:30 AM Start to descending down towards Base Village.
01:30 PM Reach Thakurwadi.
02:00 PM leave for Panvel via local vehicle.

Things to Carry

1. Id Proof Compulsory
2. Good Quality Trekking / Sports Shoes.
3. Water (2ltr Minimum compulsory)
4. Torch with an Extra pair of Batteries. (Mobile flash won't be entertained)
5. Personal First Aid kit / Medics as per prescriptions if any.
6. Toiletries (Napkin, facewash, tissue paper, etc.).
7. Backpack to carry all stuff. (No Handbags or Jholas will be allowed.)
8. Odomos (for protection from mosquitoes).
9. Camera (Optional).
10. Raincoat / Pochos for protection from the rain.
11. Bedsheet / Sleeping Bag.
12. Extra Pair of Cloths.


NOTE: Make sure all the above-mentioned stuff you carry in a well covered Waterproof Bags to avoid all things getting wet.

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  • Start Date: June 22, 2019 18:00:00
  • End Date: June 23, 2019 14:00:00
  • Type: Paid
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Category: Camping
  • Organizer : GreenWorld Explorers
  • Address: Thakurwadi For Kalavantin Durg Unnamed Road, Vardoli, Maharashtra 410206, India

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