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Introduction: Hello this is Venkat Raman V. I am working in IT for about 12 yrs, I still work. Photography is an hobbie for me.  I am doing weekend Professional Photography for 10 yrs now and Training on photography is 4 yrs. I worked in various technologies in IT so I have a perfect understanding about camera or the way it works cause its all computers in there. Hence a training from me is a worth while. To add to my profile, I am have conducted multiple workshops around the world so I deliver an international quality to our training.







Why Choose My Training ?




I know there is a lot of photography training going on, but why you need to choose my training. 




  1. Take your money back, if you feel like you learned nothing !!
  2. 2 - 5 people per training for better concentration and attention.
  3. Before taking any of the training try our Basic Course for just 799, and understand my teaching.
  4. I am a corporate training for technologies, I have conducted more than 50+ Training for more than 5k+ people to leading MNC in india. I know how to incorporate idea's from my mind to your mind to make them understand I tell stories, I use small riddle, I play games to make you understand the topic I am dealing with. 
  5. I have taken photography around the world for more than 2k+ people so I know what exactly needs to be said and when it should be said.
  6. Give A Try as I said earlier, if you think it aint worth it, go online and issue for a refund.
  7. One more thing, I give you something no one else can. Opportunity, what so ever Opportunity comes on my way I pass it on to my group and the group is open to all my students.


Things To Bring: 


Camera + Batteries Fully Charged + Big Memory Card + Zoom Lens + Prime Lens (Optional) + Tele Zoom Lens (Optional) + Tripod (Optional) + Flash Gun (Optional)




Who Should Attend:


1. A person who is interested in digital photography  
2. Anyone planning to buy a DSLR camera (You can rent a camera. Basic Camera renting is 700 Rs per day)

3. Amateurs in photography






100% Money Back If You Learn Nothing.



Priority 5 - 6 Students Per Session for Individual attention Certifications for all the courses


Photo walks for more hands-on and practice


Photo Tour Every twice in a month we explore places with a camera


Exhibition 6 months once, an art gallery of my student's pic competition. indoor, night, macro competition


Training Material Soft Copy will be emailed for future references


Whats app group Students can share their pics for review from us


Paid Assignments Reference to events and Assignments for free


Facebook Group Review about your pics to the world and tagging of your pic and so forth.

Cancellation Policy:


  • We don't like to cancel our training. But sometimes due to emergency we would do so if it happens for the second time we will refund the full amount you paid online.
  • There is no refund issued in case a person is unable to attend a class. But for sure you can do attend the next session or the next to that, if you miss three chances you cannot re-attend or there will be no refund at all. You have to register it again from the start.
  • The classes will take 30 mins to start and may end up 30 mins early this may be due to weather conditions/ traffic condition/ less amount of students. 
  • Sometimes you may not get a confirmation SMS from the instructor but you can surly call him upon his number and get the details if you need some.




Why training?


I love teaching people new things, that way I can also make myself perfect and understand the human behaviour.




Am I professional?


Humm, the perspective changes from person to person. You have my fb link in about me. My family approves only, pre-wedding + fashion photography and nothing else. I am pretty much restricted to it. I have 3 yrs of exp in professional photography + 10 yrs in casual photography. But I take my job seriously.




How about I am unable to attend the classes ?


You can postpone or prepone your classes that's the only option available as of now. no cancellation.




Are my photos bad?


Please message me as I am willing to change, I believe change is constant !!, yea I ready for that ;).

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  • Start Date: July 07, 2019 13:30:00
  • End Date: July 07, 2019 17:00:00
  • Type: Paid
  • Location: Pune
  • Category: Workshops
  • Organizer : Geeksidea
  • Address: STUDIO - PANORAMA 203, 2nd Floor, Business Guild, Law College Road, Erandwane, Shanti Sheela Society, Apex Colony, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra 411004, India

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