Self-Actualized Leadership Development Workshop - With Mr.Hitesh Chandel

Self-Actualization is a state of self-awareness from where a person can take highly effective decisions and becomes a visionary thinker. At a Self-Actualized state of mind, a person's observations reach very close to the root reason for the problem. At this stage, the latent potential of the human being manifests into optimum performance. As a matter of fact, very few people of the world achieve actualization of their latent potential, resulting in an acute leadership shortage in almost all institutions today.

A leader is not just a person who is appointed on the top of the organizational hierarchy, but anyone who understands his/her accountability, even in the midst of very difficult and unfavorable circumstances. If a leader's self-awareness has not reached to Self-Actualization, it results in ineffective decision making thereby disturbing the harmony of the Ecosystem.

While Self-Actualization is the need of each person on the planet, it is critical for a leader to strive hard to achieve the same, as his decision making affects the lives of a large number of people. The Level 0 workshop of the Self-Actualized Leadership Development Program (SALDP) helps participants understand the benchmarks of performance on all evolution levels of the person and enables them to observe their performance from the maximum potential level.

Target Audience:

Self-Actualized Leadership seekers.
Rational Spirituality Seekers.
CEOs, Directors, and Heads of companies looking to enhance their leadership potential.
HR, L&D, and BD Professionals, exploring revolutionary methods to develop human potential.
Freelance Professionals seeking an organized and well-directed professional networking platform.
Individual Contributors, who wish to raise the Corporate Ladder faster than their peers.

You will also get a membership to following professional networks based on eligibility and screening to aid you towards the path of Self Actualization

Defined Values Trainers Network (DVTN)

Defined Values Business Network (DVBN)

Self-Actualized Leadership Network (SALN)

Self-Realized Mentorship Network (SRMN)


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  • Start Date: August 25, 2019 11:00:00
  • End Date: August 25, 2019 14:00:00
  • Type: Promotional
  • Location: Hyderabad
  • Category: Events
  • Organizer : Defined Values Consultants
  • Address: Taj Deccan , West Hyderabad

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