Transaction Analysis

A branching form of psychoanalysis, transactional analysis attempts to get the patient to understand their social exchanges, or ‘transactions’, well enough that they are able to understand their own ego condition. Mindsight Clinic teaches participants how this analysis can be used to fix emotional problems. The result of a transactional analysis performed on a patient is a path for the therapeutic way in which their personal dispositions can be altered, essentially switching their self and ego, to relive bigger, emotional distresses. The Mindsight Workshop helps participants understand the much-studied theories behind this analysis, involving analysis’s like Berne and Freud, to arrive at methods to help clients discern and control their emotional states.

Certification Provided.





  • Basics of the mind
  • Parent-like, child-like, adult-like egos
  • Different kinds of transactions
  • Life positions and scripts
  • Strokes
  • Scripts
  • Understanding yourself
  • Improved behavior
  • Acceptance from the world around you
  • Decision making



  • A systematized understanding and view of parenting
  • Expert support provided by supervisor facilitation
  • Continuation of learning what improves parenting
  • Keeping current in the studies that are done on parenting



  • Preference to professional, ex: students, psychologist, doctors, nurses, counsellors, social workers, teachers, trainers etc.
  • No age barriers
  • Participants should be open to learning and eager to enrich the quality of the services they are at present rendering

5 days integrated course

? 10,000/-

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  • Start Date: January 10, 2020 11:00:00
  • End Date: January 15, 2020 01:00:00
  • Type: Paid
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Category: Workshops
  • Organizer : Mindsight clinic
  • Address: Mindsight clinic,3rd floor,Divine castle,Sunita kutir,Cross rd no 4,Liberty garden,Malad west.

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