Wake & Bake - Goa

Wake and Bake is Rohan Joshi’s first solo stand-up comedy tour. The title has no relation to anything that may or may not happen in his real life… is what his lawyers have insisted he write. Over the course of the show, the comedian talks about a host of wildly thrilling topics like growing older, the education system, parenting, home renovation, ghosts in Mumbai and other things that make people avoid him at parties. He also talks about cannabis, which is usually the point at which people stop avoiding him and start to feign interest, because of course nobody wants to roll, but everybody wants to smoke. Typical, really. We also know that nothing in this description makes you want to buy a ticket, so if it helps, just imagine him on his knees, begging.


About Rohan Joshi:


Rohan Joshi is a writer, digital creator and a popular Indian stand-up comedian. Starting off as an open micer and writer in 2010, he cut his teeth writing award shows like the Filmfare awards. In 2012 he helped found AIB, one of India’s first and largest independent online content creators. He is currently working on his next stand-up special

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  • Start Date: September 20, 2019 20:00:00
  • End Date: September 20, 2019 22:00:00
  • Type: Promotional
  • Location: Goa
  • Category: Comedy
  • Organizer : Wake and Bake
  • Address: LVC Comedy & Music Cafe, Goa Lounge Terminal, Level-6, 5th Floor, Caculo Mall, Opp. Fire Services H. Q, Panaji, Goa 403001

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